Kuali Build

Collaboration & Productivity

Kuali Build is a tool designed for higher education that allows users to create online forms and automate otherwise manual processes. If your unit manages one or more forms and routes them to others (individuals or groups) to take an action, Kuali Build is for you! Kuali Build works in the cloud; no software is required.

In addition to routing a form through a business process, Kuali Build can send custom emails to an individual or group along the way. Using available integrations with Duke’s directory, your form can automatically populate the name, title, email, and other directory attributes associated with the individual completing the form, reducing manual entry. There are countless ways Kuali Build can streamline the business process associated with your form.

Duke units have implemented Kuali Build for course evaluations; parking permits; student requests to change their major; inspections; graduation, grant, scholarship and summer program applications; surveys; course overload petitions; travel requests; and more.

Kuali Build highlights include:

  • Online form builder - Create a custom form in minutes using a drag-and-drop designer. Gather information from the form submitter (Duke or non-Duke) using text, dropdown, multiple choice, and many other field types. Design logic to reveal fields based on the submitter’s responses. Create an Office Use Only section not visible to the form submitter. Publish a unique URL for your form. Looks great in a web browser or on a mobile device.
  • Custom workflow – Design (drag-and-drop) a form’s path. Notify individuals or groups that they need to take action on a form. No action required? Customize email notifications. Build intuitive if/then routing based on how questions on the form are answered.
  • Process transparency – Open a form to view its status in the workflow. See all the steps it has been through, who completed the task, and when. Skip or reassign a step, or remind someone the form is in their queue.
  • Intelligent reporting – Customize views of submitted forms to organize and filter them as desired -- to identify meaningful data, uncover trends, and make business decisions.
  • Flexible permissions – Control who has access to create, review, edit, and delete submitted forms. 

Kuali Build is available to Duke users with a valid NetID. When you log in to Kuali Build, your user account is provisioned automatically. As a user, you can complete tasks in a workflow. If you want to build new forms/workflows, request a developer account

Need help thinking about your business process and designing your form or workflow? Request Kuali Build Consulting.

For further assistance, email kualibuild@duke.edu.