Kuali Build: Sharing/Distributing a Form's URL

This article covers important information for Kuali Build form builders (developers) about sharing their form.

When you are ready to share or distribute your Kuali Build form, follow the instructions provided by Kuali Build in their article, Sharing an App/Form

  • The URL for authenticated users (Duke entities with a valid NetID) always ends in /run
  • The URL for non-authenticated (anonymous) users always ends in /start  

See the screenshots below. 

Kuali Build Form share screenshot

Figure 1. Shareable link for Duke users ends in /run.

Kuali Build screenshot of anonymous shareable link

Figure 2: Shareable link for anonymous (non-Duke) users ends in /start.

Important! When an authenticated user visits the /run URL, Kuali Build authenticates them and updates the URL in the browser window to a unique URL for that user. It is very important that users do not share their unique URL in an attempt to share the form with others. The unique URL will not work for anyone except that user.

If you share the form URL with others who will distribute it on your behalf, share the above information with them and emphasize that the only valid URLs for the form are the ones that you distribute and that end with /run or /start.

Note: If you prefer to distribute a shorter URL than the one Kuali Build provides, use Duke's URL shortener tool, duke.is. If both Duke and non-Duke users can submit your form, you will need to create a shortened URL for each shareable link (/run for Duke users and /start for non-Duke users). Keep in mind that the shortened URL will be converted briefly in the browser to the form's /run or /start URL, and then -- for authenticated users only -- to their unique URL (which will not work for any user but them).

When communicating your form's URL(s) to Duke and/or non-Duke users, explicitly state which audience should use each URL, and caution Duke users to only share the URL(s) you provide.

Not a form developer?

If you are a Duke user who received a link to a form that you wish to share with others, consult the form owner for the form's valid URL. Do not share the URL that appears in your browser window when you visit the form.

Article number: KB0037487

Valid to: February 28, 2025