Technology Engagement Center

Printers & Labs

The Technology Engagement Center (TEC) is the newest high-tech creative hub on campus. You can use the more than 50 3D printers to print creative projects for home, class or work.

There’s also laser cutters and computer controlled routers to cut wood, plastic and other materials.

TEC also has a commons area for idea sharing and is home to the Innovation Co-Lab, Duke Research Computing, and the Roots technology training series. 

The Technology Engagement Center (TEC) state-of-the-art Conference Room (TEC-132) can be reserved by faculty or staff. Reservations are limited to meetings/events that support the mission of the space: promoting technology enriched innovation and idea development through active collaboration and discussion. 

Located in the first floor of the Telecommunications Building, TEC is the ideal way to see how Duke advances innovative technology and learning for employees and students. 

All services are free and open to the Duke community.