Research Computing

Storage, Backups & Hosting

Duke Research Computing offers flexible computing resources matched to your research. General services are managed through Research Toolkits and are available for use with public and restricted data:

  • Virtual Machines for Research - or RAPID VMs, are stand-alone virtual servers provided to Duke faculty with an allocation of 4 CPU cores, 40GB of RAM, and 200GB of storage. They are self-service and managed through a web interface.
  • The Duke Compute Cluster(DCC) – is a high throughput, high performance, parallel computing cluster for research support. Storage for data under analysis and access to run jobs on the common partition are provided at no cost to Duke research labs. If analysis needs exceed what can be handled under the common partition, researchers contribute node(s) through inclusion in grant proposals.
  • Data Commons storage can be used in conjunction with Research Computing services or stand-alone as archival storage. 100GB partitions can be requested for projects through Research Toolkits, or larger partitions, at a cost of $80 per TB per year, can be requested.

Research computing storage can be accessed using the Duke network and, with prior arrangement, can support transfers with collaborators through Globus.

For specialized computing needs, including storage and analysis of sensitive data on the Protected Network, custom solutions can be built using standard OIT computing options with research-specific pricing.

The Research Computing team ( provides support and consultation including: custom solution development, training, grant support, and new tool development. Contact us for consultation or questions.

Research Computing resources are not meant for general course work or production-level services. For those, Duke offers no-cost virtual computing through our Computing Labs and enterprise solutions for Virtual Server Hosting, Centralized Storage, and Database Hosting.