Co-Lab Professional Services

Teaching & Learning

The Co-Lab Professional Services group offers free and cost-recovery design and prototyping through its two programs: Bluesmith and Designhub.


3D printing opens the door for a wide range of new research and clinical applications

Bluesmith is a prototyping service that leverages digital fabrication technologies to produce research and medical concepts.  Leveraging our expertise in fabrication and state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies and equipment, we can help create clinical visualization prototypes, research ideas and any other products to life.  Through this lab, the Duke community has access to state of the art equipment and consulting services. 

Bluesmith operates as a cost-recovery service, with fees used to recover expenses related to the materials, consumables, and maintenance of the equipment.  For more information on how to submit a job or work with our team, visit


If your idea needs 3d modeling, CAD, or other design support, the Co-Lab DesignHub team provides consultation and project development.  Staff and student designers in this team have extensive skill with CAD modeling, fabrication, design-for-print considerations, and product design. The finalized design can then be sent to Bluesmith for manufacturing and reiterations as needed.

To learn more about DesignHub, visit