SSL Certificate

Security, Web & Mobile App Development

Request Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, also called digital certificates, to secure your website.  

Secure websites use encryption and authentication standards to protect the confidentiality of transactions. When you connect to a secure website, your browser asks the server to confirm its identity and the server supplies a certificate from a trusted authority to verify its identity. SSL encrypts data you exchange with the site and detects changes during transmission, making eavesdropping or tampering unlikely. 

Duke's SSL certificate service, Locksmith, will supply certificates for any server under the domain, at no cost to you. 

These certificates are issued by Sectigo, a trusted commercial certificate authority. 

You may continue to use digital certificates from other commercial certificate authorities such as GeoTrust or Thawte until they are ready to expire. Even though in most cases a certificate request can be fulfilled within one business day, OIT recommends that system administrators request a certificate at least one week prior to when it is needed.

Technical support for this service is provided by Sectigo. Please visit Sectigo's website to enter a support ticket, search the knowledge base, or contact them via phone.