Software Manager


Software Manager is a new tool that makes ordering and managing software much easier and accommodates both individual and bulk orders. 

As of October 2021, only Adobe products are available but soon the tool will expand to include other software.

The benefits of ordering with Software Manager include:

  • It is entirely self-service
  • It works solely with fund codes billed on a reoccurring monthly basis at 1/12 of the annual cost
  • Credit card purchases are not supported in this tool. You must use a Duke fund code to purchase Adobe software by ordering through Software Manager
  • Provides NetID validation eliminating potential for duplicate orders and/or inaccurate NetIDs
  • It provides immediate access to the software without the usual 3-day wait
  • The site is tailored for customers to easily access, review and make changes to their licenses
  • Licenses can be cancelled at any time, eliminating the need to transfer licenses
  • When a user leaves Duke the account is removed automatically and billing stops