Software Manager: How to order software


1. Visit the Software Manager website

2. Once logged in go to:

  • Select Order new software (or click the Search Software tab)

3. Select your software

4. Select: Order for Myself  or  Order for Multiple Users

  • Order for Myself

Enter the Fund Code, read and Agree to terms, and Click Purchase

  • Order for Multiple Users  (or a user other than yourself)

Enter the Fund Code

Enter NetID(s) and Click Validate NetIDs

 You will Validate NetIDs to check eligibility and check for current licenses for users


Failed Validation  /  Successful Validation

  • Read and Accept terms and conditions to complete purchase.

  • Click Purchase    (See step 5 for how to access download/activation details)
    • Your software has been ordered.
    • Your license is currently being assigned. Please try refreshing the page or try back in a few minutes.

5. How to access Software Download and Activation instructions after ordering:

  • Go to My Licenses
  • Select View Details for software ordered


Additional Software Manager Information and How To's:


For log on and troubleshooting Contact:

OIT Service Desk here or call 919-684-2200


Support Information / Service Outage:

For outages and licensing questions, e-mail OIT Software Licensing


Article number: KB0035630

Valid to: March 28, 2025