Google Workspace

Collaboration & Productivity

Google Workspace is a productivity-for-collaboration tool, software and other products developed by Google that make work more efficient. It is currently being offered to eligible Duke University faculty, staff and students. Duke Health is not included in the trial at this time.


What Is Included

What is NOT Included

Google Services covered by Duke’s agreement (Google Core Services)

  • Google Drive and Docs
  • Google Chat and Classic Hangouts
  • Google Vault
  • Jamboard Service
  • Keep
  • Sites
  • Assignments
  • Classroom
  • Google Meet
  • Tasks
  • Applied Digital Skills
  • App Sheet
  • Brand Accounts
  • Chrome
  • Canvas
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Colab
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Arts and Culture
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Books
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Earth
  • Google Groups
  • Google Maps
  • Google Messages
  • Google My Maps
  • Google News
  • Google Photos
  • Google Play
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Takeout
  • Google Translate
  • Google Translator Toolkit
  • Third Party App Back Ups
  • YouTube
  • Gmail

  • Calendar

Gmail and Calendar are not included in services covered by Duke’s account. If you are using a consumer Google account ending in ‘’ currently, you will need to remove any association to that ‘’ identity before we create your new Duke Google account so that Gmail and Calendar are not deactivated or disabled when you start using Duke’s Google account.

We can walk you through those steps as needed.













You may be able to use some additional Google Services, such as YouTube, Maps or Photos. These services are made available for your convenience, but users should note individual terms and conditions associated with each service are between the user and Google and are not covered by Duke's contract with Google. Duke restricted and sensitive data should not be used with these services.

Help Us Build a Better Service
If a Google app is inactive, email the Duke Google Workspace team at to request access.

Duke Data Security
The Duke Google service is not approved for use with Duke sensitive/restricted data in compliance with the Duke Data Security Policy.

Users are responsible for the data that they upload to the service and should not share access to Sensitive data on services not approved by Duke’s information security officers (see Duke Services and Data Classification).

At Duke, Office365 is the primary collaboration tool used by students, faculty and staff, but some University groups may decide to use Google for collaboration in the classroom. They should be aware their data is subject to Google's Privacy Policy. (see Google Workspace For Education Privacy Notice)

Additionally, once the user has left Duke access to the Duke Google account data is subject to the same limitations as Office365. (see Leaving Duke)

Get Help
Google carefully documents how to use the applications that are part of Google Workspace. Refer to their documentation for help.

For additional assistance, please submit a ticket with the OIT Help Desk.