Zoom FAQs

I’m a Duke affiliate, not a student, faculty or staff member. How do I get access to Zoom?

Anyone can sign up for a personal Zoom account at zoom.us. Free accounts have a 40-minute meeting limit. Note that you can join someone else's Zoom meeting without having an account and participate for the meeting's duration.

If you need a Duke Zoom account (for example, so you can host extended meetings), your Duke sponsor must provide a business case, your sponsored account expiration date, and request a Zoom account for you through the OIT Service Desk.


How do I transfer Zoom recordings to another location?

You must first download your recordings to your computer. Go to duke.zoom.us and click Recordings. Click the "..." icon and choose Download. If you want to choose which files to download, click the title of the recording and then download the file. You can then upload these to another service such as Panopto or Youtube. 


How can I provide live transcriptions for my participants during a meeting?

Duke Zoom supports the option for live transcriptions. Go to duke.zoom.us and select Settings. Enable Closed Caption and select the option Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting. In the meeting, click on the Closed Caption icon and enable auto-transcription. Participants will now be able to enable transcription. See this article from Zoom for full details.


I’m concerned about meeting privacy. Can you tell me more about that?

See Zoom: Security and Privacy.


I've heard about Zoom using my data to train artificial intelligence (AI). Are we affected by the new terms of service?

Duke content will not be used to train artificial intelligence (AI). Healthcare and education institutions have a separate agreement that supersedes Zoom’s online terms of service. To learn more about AI and Duke’s agreement with Zoom, visit https://oit.duke.edu/news/zooms-updated-terms-service/.


I added a co-host to my meeting but they don't appear as a co-host.

The Co-Host setting must first be enabled. Log in to duke.zoom.us, select Settings > In Meeting (Basic), and enable the Co-Host feature. Then, when adding co-hosts to your meetings, use the co-host's NetID email address (NetID@duke.edu).


Can I join multiple meetings at the same time?

Yes. Log in to duke.zoom.us, select Settings > In Meeting (Basic), and enable the Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop feature.

Can I allow other users to schedule meetings on my behalf?

Yes. Log in to duke.zoom.us, and select  Settings > Meeting. Under Other, Schedule Privilege displays users who may schedule on your behalf. Click the + to assign scheduling privileges to a user, who must have a Duke Zoom account. In the Assign scheduling privilege window, type the user's NetID@duke.edu email (other email formats will not work). Read more about scheduling privileges.


What other Zoom resources are available?

OIT provides information and help articles like this one about Duke's Zoom service, and provides how-to videos for Zoom and other tools on Duke's Keep Working site. The Zoom Help Center is also a good resource. 

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Valid to: August 9, 2024