Emma Email

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Emma is an email marketing platform available to Duke users. We strongly encourage Duke departments and organizations to use Emma to email the Duke community. Once registered with the service, a user can manage their own email campaigns, or, if only occasional mailings are needed, the OIT Service Team is available to send them on a user’s behalf.

Emma’s features include:

  • Duke branded, professionally designed email templates
  • Support for preconfigured recipient lists from Duke systems of record, that are automatically updated
  • Personalized salutations (“Dear [name]”)
  • Unlimited number of sent messages
  • Multiple user roles (creator, reviewer, sender),
  • Analytics (for example, open and click rates)


If sending to an email address that does not appear in the preferred email field of any person record in the Duke Identity Management System:

  • Pricing is $0.10 per active external email address, per year
  • Users are charged annually, in advance