Enterprise Backup

Storage, Backups & Hosting

OIT provides enterprise backups of the data stored on servers and NAS shares connected to the Duke network. We coordinate backups with IT system administrators across campus who need centrally-hosted and supported on- or off-site backups. Backups are stored in OIT-supported data centers. Off-site cloud storage for a second copy (disaster recovery purposes) is available for an added fee.

By default, all servers managed by OIT are automatically registered with the backup service. All servers hosted by OIT but managed by departmental IT staff (“self-admin”) are eligible for backups. To request backup service for a locally hosted/managed server, submit a ServiceNow request assigned to “Systems-Vmware Storage and Backups-OIT.” 

Service includes:

  • File-based and VM-based backups are available for 120 days with daily revisions
  • Snapshots (7 days) for NAS are the initial recovery point for files
  • Backups may be affected by external factors beyond our control

Backups are provided through Rubrik. System administrators use Backup Manager to manage their backups. Desktop operating systems are not supported.