Request Enterprise Backup Service

Departmental IT Staff can request backup service for systems that are not hosted and managed by OIT by sending a request to “Systems-VMware Storage and Backups-OIT” in ServiceNow.

Please include the following information for a VM or host:

  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • Operating System
  • Total Size of data to be backed up
  • Disaster Recovery (second copy at additional cost): yes / no
  • Fund Code 


For databases, also include:

  • Database Type
  • # of Channels
  • Protected Network: yes / no
  • Disaster Recovery (second copy at additional cost): yes / no 


You will need to configure the following firewall rules and agent on your host:


Firewall rules needed:  Open TCP ports 12800 and 12801





Article number: KB0032613

Valid to: April 12, 2025