Duke MediaWiki

Collaboration & Productivity

Duke MediaWiki is a Web-based collaboration tool that allows groups at Duke to easily share information. Unlike traditional Web pages, which only the owner can change, any one in the group can contribute to the wiki in real time online, allowing for timely, group-driven collaboration.

Why would I want a Duke MediaWiki space? Wiki spaces are great for project teams, workgroups, or other communities that want to share and jointly modify documents like project notes, meeting minutes, lists, etc.

Who can access my Duke MediaWiki space? Those who “own” a Duke MediaWiki space can grant access for others with a Duke NetID to view or edit pages. By default, the Duke MediaWiki space is visible to the general public. However, this setting can be adjusted.

There are four visibility settings:

  • Public: Anyone on the Internet can read it (most public)
  • Public: Anyone on Duke's network can read it
  • Private: Only members within your group, including non-Duke
  • Private: Only members of your group at Duke (most private)
Visible to anyone on the Internet
Only visible on the Duke network

Anyone can read it
(The most public option.)

Anyone on the Duke network can read it


Only members within your group can read it,
at Duke or not

Only members of your group at Duke can read it
(The most private option)


Like DukeWiki, it is not approved for storage of sensitive data. (Learn more about working with sensitive data on the Duke security website.)