Wiki: Archive and/or Delete Wiki Space

To archive and/or delete a wiki space, follow the below:

Things to note:
If the admin wants to archive the space and reuse - send the ticket over to the Systems-UNIX-OIT group in ServiceNow.  Archiving does not guarantee the wiki space can be restored to its previous state. The UNIX group can assist in getting the archive done correctly. A change in Confluence versions may also cause the archive to not restore correctly.

(Step 1)
Log into your wiki space.  You must be an admin to be able to perform the options below:
Click Space Tools on the bottom left, then click Content Tools.

(Step 2)
Click Export, choose your preferred archive method and click next.  If the plan is to one day restore the site, XML must be chosen as this is used to restore.  There is no guarantee that the XML backup will work across versions of Confluence.  It is recommended to request assistance from the UNIX group for archiving a possible restored wiki page.

(Step 3)
Choose Normal Export to export all pages or choose Custom Export to select specific pages.

(Step 4)
Once the export is complete, click here under the blue bar.

(Step 5)
If you are comfortable with deleting the space, go back to Space Tools, Overview, Delete Space.  Click OK when done.

If at anytime there is a question regarding what you are trying to accomplish with your space, contact the OIT Service Desk at 919 684 2200 for assistance.

Article number: KB0017841

Valid to: October 26, 2024