Co-Lab Studio

Printers & Labs, Teaching & Learning

The Co-Lab Studio offers  3 locations on campus - The Co-Lab Studio at the Technology Engagement Center (TEC) in the Telcom Building, the Co-Lab Studio in the Rubenstein Arts Center, and the Co-Lab Studio in Lilly Library. These facilities include 3D printers, laser and CNC milling machines, an electronics station, and other fabrication tools, and serve as the open-access creative maker space on campus. These spaces are free and open to all members of the Duke Community. 

The philosophy behind the Co-Lab Studio is to have a one-stop shop for anyone, regardless of skill and experience, to come in and be able to make a product through an iterative design process known as Digital Modeling and Fabrication. The studio has all the equipment that you need to conceive, design, and prototype all kinds of products and designs.

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The Co-Lab Studio is operated by OIT and is an integral part of Duke's student creativity incubator, Innovation Co-Lab.