Apple Podcasts

Video & Audio

Apple Podcasts is one of the leading platforms for sharing audio and video material from podcasts, lectures, interviews, audiobooks, and other sources to a worldwide audience. Users can download content from Apple Podcasts to a Mac, PC, AppleTV, iPhone, or other iOS device and listen to it or view it anywhere, anytime. Duke’s content was previously published on the now-retired iTunes U. Podcasts can be submitted directly to Apple for inclusion in Apple Podcasts via Apple’s Podcasts Connect service.

Apple does not support the direct upload of video and audio files to Apple Podcasts. Instead, users upload files to an external hosting service that supports RSS feeds and then add the RSS feed to collections in Apple Podcasts. Duke offers the use of Warpwire at no charge for this purpose. View a step-by-step guide to using Warpwire.

Duke OIT does not have access to the back-end technical tool for managing podcasts submitted to Apple. Individual podcast owners work independently with Apple to manage podcasts via Podcasts Connect.

Support requests for technical problems should be sent directly to Apple. Please read the Apple Podcasts Usage Policy.