Audio & Video Hardware Resources

What are Digital Media Related Peripherals?

Digital media peripherals are hardware devices such as microphones and cameras that hook up to computers. Some of these peripherals may be available to loan from the Link here at Duke.

Types of Peripherals

Web Cams

Logitech Business Webcam C920E - $69.99 (OIT Recommended)

Excellent HD video quality with a built-in microphone. Mac and Windows compatible.

USB Speaker Phones

Poly Sync 20 $114 (OIT Recommended)

Great for a one to two people at a time. The Poly Sync 20 connects to your computer through a USB interface and can be used as a speakerphone for any computer-based software.

  • Enjoy remarkable sound from meetings to music
  • Reduce echo and noise so everyone hears you clearly
  • Slim and portable - take it with you anywhere
  • It goes as long as you do with up to 20 hours of battery life

Shure STEM Table - $749

Optimized for tabletops and flat surfaces, Stem Table is a high-quality conferencing speakerphone that turns any environment into a professional conference room. Equipped with nine microphones that perform real beam forming plus an innovative downward-facing speaker for amplified performance, Table takes the quality of your meetings to the next level.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones can be very useful for presentation/lecture capture, when the presenter requires freedom of movement.

Yamaha ADECIA - Prices Vary Per System

A family of products engineered to be installed easily and work together seamlessly, providing unified and customizable communications solutions. The ADECIA Dante-enabled wireless microphone & line array speaker solution satisfies the demand for high-quality wireless audio for office spaces and classrooms. Yamaha's Easy Set Up wizards and automatic technologies simplify implementation, device configuration, and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation, reducing cost, time, and complexities.


Lights are especially helpful if you have no choice but to have a light source behind you such as an open window. You may want to set them off to the side on a small tripod so you can adjust the brightness. 

4" Ring Light With Small Tripod - $15.99

Computer Microphones

Some very interesting USB microphones have become available in recent months. They have very good sound quality for the price, and plug directly into a computer's USB port.

Blue Microphones Snowball - $69.99

A professional grade USB mic, with dual capsules and three settings (cardioid, cardioid w/-10dB pad & omni); great for podcasting and music recording.

Rode NT-USB Mini Studio Condenser microphone - $99.00

The NT-USB Mini brings the pristine sound quality of RØDE’s world-class studio mics to a compact, easy-to-use USB microphone. Designed to deliver crystal-clear, professional-quality audio direct to a computer or tablet, it’s the perfect microphone for gamers, podcasters, musicians, streamers, and content creators who want to be heard in full definition.

Shure X2u XLR-USB Signal Adapter - $99

Use your favorite microphones to digitally record wherever and whenever your computer takes you with the X2u XLR-USB Signal Adapter. The X2u features built-in headphone monitoring with zero latency, and easy controls to balance microphone and playback audio, just plug and play.

Wireless Headsets

Poly Voyager 4200 - $199 (OIT Recommended)

  • Roam free and be more productive
  • Choose what you hear with superior audio
  • Get device flexibility plus easy connectivity
  • Take advantage of style, comfort and choice
  • Make it yours, and keep IT in-the-know

Document Cameras

Elmo MA-1 - $995

Intuitively designed for the most immersive STEM experience, the MA-1 STEM-CAM opens up a world of endless learning possibilities in the K-12 classroom. The MA-1 is our first Android-based document camera, with a multi-touch screen for navigation. This gives users the ability to browse the web and access educational apps over Wi-Fi or using a wired network connection.

The MA-1 also comes with built-in Miracast wireless display connectivity and a built-in battery. These features allow educators to move about the classroom to directly engage with students, without having to be tethered to their desks.


Video Production Resources

There are several excellent resources available on campus for producing video, from filming it yourself (using low and no cost options to edit and publish the video offered at various campus venues) to full professional production at Bryan Center Studios, or somewhere in between.

Video Production

Do it Yourself

Recording a Class or Presentation

  • Panopto recording and publishing system
  • Contact your departmental or school AV support staff

Event Audio/Video Production (Microphones, Speakers, Screens, etc)

Professional Production for the University and Medical Center (Academic, Research & Co-curricular content)

Academic Media Production – OIT’s Academic Media Production’s media producers can help you create and publish your academic, research or co-curricular content through their consultation or full production services.

Transcription & Captioning Services

Captioning helps make your video content more accessible to those with auditory challenges and those whose primary language is not English. It also allows viewers to access your content when they are in a location that may not permit audio playback. Many users without these challenges also report that captions are beneficial. One example of this is that captions allow viewers to access your content when they are in a location that may not permit audio playback.

Video and Audio Software

Video and audio software can assist with digital media-related projects such as computer screen capture, audio editing and video streaming.

Recording Software

  • Panopto - in addition to automated capture via hardware in select rooms across campus, Panopto supports software-based capture on both the Mac and Windows platforms. You can use Panopto’s software to create learning objects, flip your class, record classes or special events, and enable students to record themselves for assignments among other uses. Panopto’s desktop software captures video and audio plus PowerPoint/ Keynote via screen capture. Additional video/ audio sources are configurable for the Windows version.
  • Camtasia - Captures audio, video and screen for Mac and Windows and provides more advanced editing features than Panopto.

Digital Media Production and Editing Software

  • Audacity - Great free software for audio recording editing.
  • Final Cut Pro - Professional software for editing video. A more advanced version of iMovie available for purchase.
  • Adobe Premiere - Professional software for editing video. Supported by Adobe and integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of production applications including Photoshop (bitmap graphics), Illustrator (vector graphics), and After Effects (animation). Adobe Creative Cloud is available for free to all undergrads. Adobe Premiere Rush is a novice-friendly alternative software.
  • Handbrake - Free, open source video editor originally designed and still used for DVD ripping, but also a good tool for re-encoding video files to .mp4/ H.264. Originally for Mac but now also includes a PC version.
  • ShotCut - Free, open source video editing software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Very easy to use and has a deep feature set. 
  • Bryan Center Studios Hotel Suite – a media-editing workstation equipped with Audacity, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia, and the Adobe Suite (personal Adobe license required for use).

Pre-recorded Secure Video Streaming

  • Warpwire - anyone with a valid Duke NetID can easily upload and publish video, audio, and image files and share them with Duke and non-Duke users— anywhere, anytime, on just about any modern device. Warpwire also supports the creation of RSS feeds for files it hosts that can be published to places like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn.

Secure Live Video Streaming

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