Panopto and Warpwire Comparison

Feature Comparison



  • Warpwire is Duke's enterprise media publishing tool for securely sharing pre-recorded media in various applications such as Sakai, Wordpress, etc. 
  • Panopto is Duke's unified enterprise platform for recording, editing and publishing media, including scheduled classroom-based recording.

The Warpwire Video Player

The Panopto Rich Media Player (Zoom Recording)







Automated classroom recording

✓ (Choose from ~150 classrooms on campus)


Software (Mac and Windows) recording


In-browser recording (requires active network connection)

✓ (recommended only for short clips)

No account set-up required

X (Panopto users may require the assistance of a Panopto Site Administrator to move content between personal and course folders)

✓ (Warpwire is a bit more user friendly and its interfaces are generally thought to be more streamlined)

Upload pre-recorded media

✓ (Unless you are already using Panopto for other things, we generally recommend Warpwire for this purpose because its interface is more like “YouTube” and is built specifically to share in just a few steps.)

Editing - clip beginning and end

Editing – insert and combine clips


Advanced editing (transitions, graphics, separate audio tracks and effects, easily work with large numbers of media files)

X (Camtasia, or non-linear editing software such as Final Cut or Premiere recommended)

X (Camtasia, or non-linear editing software such as Final Cut or Premiere recommended)

Interactive quiz tool


Share with Duke NetIDs and groups

Share with course groups (class rosters)

Share with non-course groups

Upload photos and other still image types


Deep search across content

✓ (Panopto indexes all words spoken in videos, text shown in slides, video titles and descriptions, and user-added notes and bookmarks). All of these become the basis for search across all assets available to the user.

X Warpwire offers search within individual Media Libraries, but not across all assets available to the user. These searches can utilize the following information: tags, titles, owners, captions, and metadata fields in the Media Library.

Interactive playback

X (Warpwire does offer interactive transcripts, but Panopto’s player has more interactive features, including support for screen captures and multiple videos in the same recording)

Video plus screen capture

X While Warpwire offers screen capture, screen captures can't be combined with videos in the same recording in Warpwire. Additionally, Panopto's screen capture functionality is generally considered to be more user friendly than Warpwire's

Support for Apple Podcasts


✓ Warpwire allows you to add Apple Podcast-specific metadata to a Media Library and generate an RSS feed that can be used to host content visible on Apple Podcasts.

PDF support

✓ (You can attach them to other recordings but not view them on their own)


Captions -Import/ upload externally created file

Captions – Automatic (English)

Captions – Automatic (Multiple languages)


Create bookmarks and notes while watching


Detailed usage analytics

Zoom integration

X (Note: Warpwire does offer a Zoom integration, but OIT has chosen to support Panopto's Zoom integration offering rich media playback and other advanced features)

Interactive quiz tool




  • If you are primarily recording video but have a few pre-recorded videos to share, we’d recommend using Panopto to record your video and upload the pre-recorded videos to the same folder.
  • If you are primarily sharing pre-recorded videos but have just a few video only or screen-only videos you'd like to create as well, we’d recommend using Warpwire for everything.
  • We'd be happy to discuss your specific use case to help you determine which tool is right for you. To set up a call, contact the OIT Service Desk at

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Valid to: August 22, 2024