Duke StrongBox

StrongBox leverages your Duke Box.com account to facilitate the secure collection and storage of documents from non-Duke users.

For general questions about Box.com functionality, please see the user guides.

What if I leave Duke?

Before you leave, add another Duke user as a collaborator on each folder that needs to be transferred. The new collaborator will not see the folders on their own StrongBox Dashboard, but will see the folder and all files on Box.com.

If a user has already left the organization and the folder had no other collaborators, contact the OIT Service Desk to open a ticket for transferring ownership.

What if I accidentally delete a folder?

The only way you can delete the folder is through your StrongBox dashboard, which deletes the folder from StrongBox and on Box.com for all collaborators.

If you delete a folder by mistake, contact the OIT Service Desk to recover it. It will not re-appear on your StrongBox, but it is possible to restore the content on Box.

Unless you are sure you will never need the folder, folder contents, or the non-Duke uploader link, it is recommended you delete unneeded folder items individually on your Box.com account.

How can I get email notifications about uploads into my StrongBox folder?

Notifications can be added at the Account level and at the Folder level in your Box Settings. Please note that separate upload notifications may be grouped into a single email, and there may be a delay in the arrival of the notifications. For more information please see the Box How To Guide for Managing Account Settings.

Can I use StrongBox for sensitive data collection?

Please see the Security Office policy posted at Using StrongBox for collecting sensitive data.

What if I have questions or comments about StrongBox?

Please contact us at strongboxfeedback@duke.edu.

Article number: KB0033113

Valid to: July 22, 2024