Adobe Acrobat or Creative Cloud : Membership Expired

Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud licenses through Duke expire annually on October 8, and users will need to renew their licenses before that date to continue using the software uninterrupted.

To purchase a renewal license: Visit and order a license for either Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you have already purchased a renewal license, and you are receiving this error, see below:


When the old licenses expire, even users that have purchased renewal licenses may receive a message indicating that their licenses have expired.





Duke src=" Adobe licenses expire annually on October 8, and this triggers an event in Adobe" system that expires all Duke accounts and requires users to re-authenticate.


If you are receiving the error that a feature is not included, skip down to section B for signing out and signing back in.

A. Membership Expired Error: 

The best way to resolve this issue is to sign in again.  Please try the following:

  1. Attempt to click the Try Again button.  If this does not allow you to re-authenticate, instead click Have a different Adobe ID?
  2. A login box should appear.  Click the option to Sign in with an enterprise ID


3. After clicking Sign in with an Enterprise ID, enter your where netID is Your NetID

It is important that you enter your netID, then  The login will not work otherwise.  In the image below, the user's netID is blanked out.



Follow the prompts to continue logging in.  You should see a Duke netID authentication page, then be redirected through a few windows before receiving a notification that you have signed in successfully.


B. Sign out and back in again (all errors):

Initiate the login process via the help menu within the application.


1. First, sign out.  It make take a minute or so for registration to initialize.  If you already see sign in, skip to step 2.


2. Click Sign in, and follow the steps as above to sign in with an enterprise ID.

Article Number: KB0025353