CIFS: Technical Specifications

About CIFS

CIFS home directories allow Duke users access to their files from multiple locations.


To connect to your CIFS home directory, your computer or device needs to be connected to the Duke network. If you're not connected to the Duke network, connect via the Virtual Private Network (VPN). For instructions, please see VPN instructions for Mac OS or VPN instructions for Windows.

Most operating systems allow connections to CIFS home directories without installing additional software.

Basic Configuration

Connect to a Windows Share

Protocol: CIFS
Host or server: or for a Web Space
Folder name: users/n/netid (where n is the first letter of your NetID and netid is your NetID)


Some hosts may use the following terminology:
Protocol: CIFS
Host or server: or for a Web Space
Share name: users or for Web Space PROJECT-WEB/web
Folder name: n/netid (where n is the first letter of your NetID and netid is your NetID) 


Active Directory domain: WIN
Username: your NetID
Password: your NetID password

Specific Instructions

[KB0013655] CIFS Home Directories and Web Spaces: How to Connect from Windows
[KB0013637] CIFS Home Directories and web spaces: How to Connect from Mac OS X

Requests for CIFS space increases will go through Collaborative Services-OIT

Need Further Assistance?

Please contact the OIT Service Desk if you need further assistance.

Article number: KB0013681

Valid to: July 27, 2024