3D Printing

OIT staff works on a 3d printer at the colab

You can try 3D printing at Duke for a project, research, or just for fun.

OIT's Co-Lab lets you use digital fabrication tools focusing on 3D printing, laser and CNC milling (ShopBot). Come visit the printer farm consisting of 50+ 3D printers located in the new Technology Engagement Center (TEC) in the Telcom Building on west campus. The 3D print lab is staffed daily to assist you with print jobs.

Additionally, you can have 24-hour remote access to Duke's 3D print management system through the open-platform, cloud-based 3DprinterOS program.  Any member of the Duke community can use this software to manage their print jobs, including remote printing.

You must first visit the Co-Lab to get an access code and a quick run down about how to use the system. Then you can login online anytime to begin 3D printing.