Virtual and Augmented Reality

Woman wearing headset in a virtual reality room

Virtual and Augmented reality are emerging technologies typically associated with gaming. But virtual reality (VR) offers significant potential in the areas of simulation and research visualization. OIT is closely following the industry and making efforts to provide access to this technology on campus.

There are two locations on campus to develop and experience VR.

Bolt VR

Experience VR in partnership with Residence Life at the Bolt VR.  You can find this space in Edens near the Bolt Gaming Lab. You can explore VR content with the help of student staff consultants. Numerous titles are installed to highlight some of the technology’s potential. You may also bring your own content developed elsewhere. Bolt VR is equipped with a top-of-the-line, custom-built gaming PC and a 4K display for remote viewing.  The cornerstone of the lab is the Vive immersive VR system.   

Resources for VR developers

The Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) offers resources for developers to begin their VR project.  All MPS machines have Unity installed in addition to numerous 3D modeling applications that pair well with virtual design. The lab also features a dedicated VR suite loaded with the latest in 3D performance computing, an Oculus Rift and a demonstration display. All user data in the MPS is stored on a network system and immediately available to all other machines. Perhaps the best feature of the lab is the student staff, who are available noon to midnight most days to help answer your questions.

VR Exploration and Consultation  

OIT partners, the Duke Digital Initiative and Innovation Co-Lab, are actively engaged in exploring VR technology. Both groups are available to assist with your exploration into this new visualization technology.