Duke Digital Signage

Email, Calendar & Events, Video & Audio

Duke's Digital Signage program offers two different solutions. There are currently close to 200 digital signs displayed across Duke University's campus.

DukeFlyer Player: This service allows you to play one or more feeds from the DukeFlyer system on any type of hardware that is capable of playing a web browser and is approved to be on the Duke Network. Low-cost solutions such as Intel sticks or Raspberry Pi’s can be used.  It will also automatically display a banner notification if there are any declared emergencies. The software is offered at no cost to anyone in the global Duke community.  More information about DukeFlyer players.

OptiSigns:  Offering  a cloud-based solution that will play on low-cost players including the Amazon Fire Stick, the OptiSigns software is relatively easy to learn, You can create signs with dynamic content such as tickers, video, weather and RSS feeds. OptiSigns is integrated with Duke’s Emergency Notification System.  Anyone in the Duke community can receive a license for an OptiSigns player at no cost. 

Four Winds Interactive (Previous Solution) As of July 1, 2023, Four Winds Interactive is no longer in operation at Duke University.   

Customers are responsible for hardware purchase, installation and maintenance for all services. 

To install a digital sign in your Duke University school or department, select the Duke Digital Signage Participation Form on the right or contact the OIT Service Desk for more information.