Co-curricular Programs

Teaching & Learning

Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is committed to student success, providing co-curricular programs that enhance the traditional academic experience. OIT seeks to partner with other Duke initiatives and departments to establish an ecosystem of programs that share a similar model and aim – to expose students to learning opportunities outside of the classroom that will open future doors. 

Duke Technology Scholars (DTech)

DTech is a resource for students interested in securing summer internships in technology, with a focus on students who have been historically underrepresented in the tech industry. This year-round program provides mentoring, recruitment counseling, resume assistance, and much more to students each year. Students who secure summer internships in key cities/metropolitan areas are supported with housing and community-building opportunities. Learn more about DTech


The Code+ program is designed to provide students with little or no tech-related work experience with a real-world coding/product development experience, to help them obtain an industry internship in tech the following summer. Past participants have landed internships with companies such as Google, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce, as well as smaller "boutique" tech companies.  The Code+ summer program began in 2018 as a pilot involving six students on one project, guided by one IT professional. Since then, Code+ has grown to involve 8-12 projects each summer, with 40-60 participants and 15 or so IT professionals serving as team coaches. Code+ follows the successful format of partner programs Data+ and CS+. Learn more about Code+