A password manager is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords, sign in to apps and websites, and fill forms securely with a single click. Duke is offering 1Password to make our security faster, easier, and more convenient. Using a password manager simplifies day-to-day password management, helps you stay secure, and work quickly, because:

  • You’ll only have to remember one password
  • 1Password can automatically fill usernames, passwords, and forms
  • 1Password makes it easy to share logins and passwords

Current LastPass users who want to migrate to 1Password should allow 15 uninterrupted minutes for setup.

If you need a business-level password manager for sharing account information with your Duke team, please contact us at security@duke.edu for help setting up 1Password Business for team use.

NOTE:  Your master password cannot be restored by OIT or 1Password. For full information about 1Password at Duke, visit the IT Security website.