DukeMobile App Privacy Policy

Duke is committed to delivering information to you when, where, and how you want it. DukeMobile is one, great way Duke does this. By providing an easy-to-use pathway to the information, resources, and Duke systems you want and need, DukeMobile helps you actively engage with all Duke has to offer.

Duke is also committed to respecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes the privacy practices employed by DukeMobile and details what information DukeMobile collects about you, how your information is used, with whom it is shared, and how we protect it. To ensure the information included here reflects any updates and improvements we make to enhance DukeMobile, we may make changes to this privacy policy at any time.

When using the “Giving to Duke” feature of the app some additional details are required when making gifts to Duke, please refer to the Giving Privacy policy for more information.

What your information is collected:

DukeMobile only collects your IP address, the dates and times you access the application, and your navigation history using the application.  Duke does not track you. Any information we collect is used solely to improve and enhance both the user experience and the application itself.  

How your information is used: 

DukeMobile serves as an interface tool to connect you to other sites and systems and links you to information both internal and external to Duke. Once you are directed to another site or system by clicking the corresponding DukeMobile link, DukeMobile no longer collects information about your usage and navigation history. The sites and systems DukeMobile can link you to may require additional authentication and may collect information about you. These sites may not provide encrypted communication via SSL/TLS. DukeMobile has no access to any information those sites or systems collect about you.

Who has access to your information:

System administrators and developers are the only people with access to the raw logs while management has access to analytics in the aggregate.

How your information is secured:

Information transmitted between DukeMobile and sites and services provided by DukeMobile are sent securely through an encrypted SSL/TLS channel. Information collected for improvements and enhancements is stored on secure servers at Duke. 

This privacy policy adheres to Duke's Acceptable Use Policy.

Effective date: October 12, 2016. 


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