Congratulations! You've Arrived!

Two people seated at Co-Lab table look at laptop while a student with Duke shirt talks to another person with back to camera

If you are at the Technology Engagement Center (aka the Co-Lab), please complete the following tasks:

  1. Got what it takes to crack this code? Solve the code on the Vestaboard and follow where it leads. Take a picture once you’re there!

  2. Leave your mark on the TEC. Write your name on one of the Co-Lab’s windows or boards and take a picture!

  3. Head on over to the ‘gram! Follow @InnovationCoLab on Instagram and take a screenshot!

Bryan Center Studio 4 man at table with big screen monitor

If you are at the Bryan Center Studios, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Feeling camera ready? Snap a selfie in one of the three available studios.

  2. The forecast calls for… your debut as a meteorologist! Head to Studio 3 to record a mock weather forecast and have the producer snap a picture (or bet yet, a video!) of your weather segment!

  3. Now’s your chance to be interviewed for a podcast. Head to Studio 4 to share your view of technology at Duke with the podcast producer and get a pic of yourself in the chair.

workers at the service desk look at their computers with large multi-screen wall display in background

If you are at the The Link, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Take a selfie with a staff member in front of the big, orange Link sign.

  2. Pick up a Link postcard from the Service Desk and bring it to us. 

  3. Follow us on the 'Gram @DukeOIT and screenshot your favorite post!

Return to the Bryan Center Plaza to show us proof you completed the tasks for the location you chose. If you are one of the first 50, you will receive an OIT t-shirt. Good luck!

(Click here if you really enjoyed the scavenger hunt.)