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New look, same functionality for DukeFlyer

The next phase of DukeFlyer will launch on March 4, 2024, with a new website interface and enhanced functionality, including an improved mobile experience. The changes will not affect existing accounts, feeds, users, and all active flyers will transfer to the new site. No actions are required by DukeFlyer users.

We invite users to preview the new DukeFlyer web interface during multiple Zoom sessions before March 4. There will be a recording for those unable to attend live.

Upcoming Zoom Overview Sessions:  
Zoom Session #1
2 p.m., Feb. 27
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 947 2328 5487
Passcode: 091002

Zoom Session #2
11 a.m., Feb. 29
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 998 0296 9594
Passcode: 193801

New for Feed Owners & Managers

  • All users that manage feeds for their group or department are called a Feed Manager. There must be at least one Feed Manager who is considered the Feed Owner. The Feed Owner is the main contact for any requests or questions about their feed. All requests to add Feed Owners or Feed Managers must be requested by emailing
  • Feed Managers can edit any existing flyers they own by replacing an image with a new version without having to delete and re-upload the image, even if it’s being displayed by other departments.
  • When looking at the public pool flyers—flyers that have been published and can be shared by other groups or departments—a Feed Manager can now see where the flyers are currently displayed, even if they don’t own the flyers.
  • When editing a feed, a Feed Manager can now see both the public pool flyers and flyers currently being displayed on a feed on one page and can drag/drop flyers from the public pool.
  • After login, Feed Managers now see their group name on the left side instead of feed names. They must select their group name and then the Feeds tab to see and manage flyers on the feeds.
  • Before being uploaded, images no longer have a DPI restriction of 27 or 96. They still must have resolutions of 1920x1080 pixels (landscape) or 1080x1920 pixels (vertical).

To learn more about Duke Flyer, or to add a Feed Owner or Manager, visit the DukeFlyer web page or email