Atlassian maintenance - November 2023

On November 13, 2023 some members of the Duke community received an email about upcoming maintenance that might affect one or more of their Atlassian accounts.  To prepare for the migration of DukeWiki and Duke Jira to Atlassian Cloud, Shibboleth login will be required for most  Atlassian accounts.

Enabling Shibboleth means all new accounts will use the format

Furthermore, the maintenance may require account owners to change their passwords. This change can be made on the Atlassian website. Note: There's no need to take any action until Atlassian prompts you to make a change.

Accounts that are not in use and have never been used will be disabled.  Active accounts will not be disabled.

Atlassian accounts are used for Trello, Confluence, Jira, and many other products. Visit the Atlassian website for a detailed list of Atlassian products:





Article number: KB0037208

Valid to: November 14, 2024