Using Office 365's Personal Booking Page

You can use the Personal Booking feature on your Duke Microsoft Office account to allow users to book time on your calendar.

Enable Personal Booking

To enable personal booking, do the following:

  1. From a web browser, log into
  2. Click Settings (gear icon, upper right). The Settings pane opens.
  3. In the search box, type personal and press Return/Enter. The Settings window opens and displays Personal booking.
  4. Under Publishing options, click to enable Publish booking page. The window refreshes and displays Sharing options and Meeting types and availability.

Share Your Personal Booking Page

To share your personal booking page, use the Copy link or Share link buttons. Users with the link will be able to view all your meeting types, select the desired type, and reserve time on your calendar. For more on types, see below.

Edit Meeting Types and Availability

The default meeting type is a 30 minute online meeting using Microsoft Teams. You can edit the default meeting type, add new types, and customize your availability for each type. For example, you could create a meeting type called "Office Hours" for 15-minute meetings during specific hours on Thursday. The following options are available when configuring meeting types:

  • Unique meeting type name (for example, "Office Hours")
  • Meeting duration
  • Minimum and maximum lead times
  • Location (for a Microsoft Teams video call, enable Online Meeting)
  • Description
  • Availability (use regular hours configured in Outlook or customize availability by date range and day)

Note: To share a link to a particular meeting type, click Copy URL (paper and pen icon) beside the desired type.

Article Number: KB0033211