Install SAP 7.60 Basic GUI - Without Analysis for Office

Install SAP 7.60 Basic GUI

Before you begin

  • The installation of the applications requires full Administrative rights to be able to run. 
  • Download the DukeSAPgui760 and the AuthenticLogon installers from the OIT Site License Web site.


Make sure that Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update 32bit and 64bit is installed.


Note: These instructions are only for the SAP 760 Basic GUI with no Analysis for Office. If you need to have Analysis for Office installed please refer to the following KB:


  1. Install Duke SAP GUI (DukeSAPgui760_only.exe)
  2. install Authentic Logon (Authentic Logon for SAP 4.1.0 (X64).msi)

Screenshots of the process are below:

Install Duke SAPgui 760
  1.  Run the DukeSAPgui760_only.exe as Administrator.

  2. If all prerequisites are installed, you will see the window prompt below:

  3. Click Next to Continue.

  4. Select "Duke SAPgui 760" > Click Next

  5. The installation will run, and you will be prompted to close and reboot once it is completed. 
    Be sure to reboot!


Install Authentic Logon for SAP 4.1.0 (x64)
  1. Run the Authentic Logon for SAP 4.1.0 (x64).msi as Administrator.

  2. The installer will run, and you may notice a couple of flashing windows open and close automatically. This is normal.


  3. Once the installation completes, the new "MIT Kerberos Ticket Manager" icon will be added to the desktop as a shortcut.





For additional support, please contact the Duke OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200, or send an email to



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