Research Computing Pricing

There are several infrastructure offerings intended to be used for research computing provided by OIT. Several of these align with similar non research OIT infrastructure offerings.  There are 2 storage offerings as well as several compute offerings.


Storage offerings/prices are as follows:

Name Type Storage Type Similar OIT Offering $/Gb/Yr Primary Use
Research-Block SAN All Flash SAN attached Platinum $0.50 SAN attached storage to Compute VMs
Research-NAS NAS Disk with some Flash NAS $0.09 General Use Research NAS Storage
Datacommons NAS All Disk NAS-Archive $0.06 Long Term Research NAS Storage


Unlike OIT Production VMWare environment that is regulated by memory, Research storage is limited and thus regulated by core.  For standard compute nodes, pricing for compute nodes is $85/core/year. ***This $85 is for compute only and the storage cost needs to be added at the above Research-Block rate (For Example a 10 core VM with 100 Gb of Storage would be ($85/Core/Year10 cores) + ($0.50/Gb/Yr 100 Gb) = $900/Yr)


In addition to standard compute nodes, OIT offers GPU compute capabilities.  Unlike standard compute nodes that are purchased in bulk, GPU capacity is purchased on an as needed basis.  Because GPUs are purchased as needed, we have a standard price that requires a 3 year commitment (to align with the 3 year lease of the equipment).  ***GPU rates are an add on cost in addition to the cost of Compute, Storage, etc. (For Example a typical GPU server with a 10 core VM, 50 Gb of Storage, and 1 RTX GPU would be ($112/Core/Year10 cores) + ($0.75/Gb/Yr 50 Gb) + ($433 per RTX GPU with 3 yr commitment/Yr)= $1590.50/Yr)

Rates for GPUs are as follow:

Current GPU Pricing (Note 8/1/21 Still Under Review)

GPU $/GPU/Year
V100 $2,341
Titan XP $388
RTX $433

Departments interested in one of the above OIT provided solutions, complete the OIT Storage Services request form. If your application requires a different configuration than these standard offerings, submit a general inquiry form to the OIT Storage Team to discuss alternatives.


Pricing Updated August 1, 2022

Getting started

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