Moving Your Mobile DukeCard Credential(s) to a New iPhone

Have you purchased or received a new iPhone or Apple Watch?  To set up your credential on a new device, you must remove the credentials from your old device and add them to your new one.  When you set up your new device you will add both the iPhone and Apple Watch credentials.

To remove your credentials from your old iPhone:

  • Open Apple Wallet on the device from which you want to remove your DukeCard.
  • Tap (…) on the lower right area of your card.
  • Scroll down and tap “Remove Card” at the bottom.

Repeat these steps to remove a second credential (e.g. Apple Watch).

You must be signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all devices to complete these instructions.

You are now ready to install your Mobile DukeCard credential on your new iPhone. View the article Adding Your DukeCard to Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch for instructions on how to add your iPhone or Apple Watch to the Apple Wallet on your new iPhone.


Article number: KB0029932

Valid to: January 31, 2025