Panopto Administration Documentation

Requesting Access to a Site

Using Integrated Classroom Recording

Requesting Access to a Site

Requesting/ Identifying a Site Administrator

A Panopto Site Administrator is an IT and/or AV person who has primary technical ownership of the service in a particular functional unit and will who provide direct support to those end users. With their agreement to participate, you can select from this list of existing Site Administrators as appropriate, or identify a new person in consultation with your school or department: Panopto Sites and Contacts: If you designate someone new to be a Site Administrator, the person you choose will need to contact OIT Media Technologies to schedule a training session with us. They can contact the OIT Service Desk to get the process started.

Using Integrated Classroom Recording

Ordering Your Appliance

You can order appliances from the Duke Technology Center by reaching out to The Duke Technology Center will then provide you with a quote. Once you have the quote for your appliance/s, please reach out to the OIT Service Desk and let them know you are ready to place an order. This ticket with be routed to OIT CDSS, which will enter the order via Buy@Duke and work with you and your A/V integrator to configure and set up your appliance. Once ordered, turnaround time for appliances currently averages 45-60 days. Your appliances will need to be professionally installed in your classrooms by your A/V integrator. If you or your integrator has questions about integrating appliances with room AV systems, you can contact the OIT Service Desk for assistance.

Seeking AV Consultation for Audio/ Video Equipment

For help in identifying an AV integrator to install your Panopto appliances, for collaborative assistance with you and your AV integrator in optimally configuring your room AV for classroom recordings, and/or for help troubleshooting room AV issues as they affect classroom recordings, please contact the OIT Service Desk for assistance.

Class Scheduling

Scheduled recordings require designated hardware appliances to be installed in the classrooms where you plan to record. If your room/s do not appear on Panopto Sites and Contacts:, see Ordering Your Appliance above.

Once the appliances are installed and have been tested by the Site Administrator, instructors or others using the room can request their courses or events be scheduled for recording. The Site Admin will then log into the Panopto Administration interface and schedule the recordings. Training in scheduling recordings is provided to all Site Administrators when they initially are granted access to the tool. Additionally, Panopto provides documentation for scheduling recordings here: Typically, when a user requests recordings to be scheduled, Site Administrators will want to obtain the following information from the requester:

  • Name of the course/s
  • What times they start and end
  • Who should have access to the recordings (The whole class? Only specific NetIDs? The general public? No one unless specifically decided at a later date to grant access?)

Publishing Your Recordings

For users The Site Administrator will provide users requesting scheduled  with a link for your folder (or for specific recordings if you wish) that you can distribute to your students. They will also answer any additional questions you might have about using Panopto and are your first line of support for any issues that require troubleshooting.


Instructors and Site Administrators:

Contact the OIT Service Desk for questions/ assistance assisting instructors with permissions

Article Number: KB0029265