Home folder information

What do the folders in my home folder do and how can I use them?

Each Box account gets three folders:

  • Sharing: You can use this folder to collaborate with others including Box users not associated with Duke. Share links to documents and subfolders and add comments and assign tasks.
  • Private: You can use this folder for storing content that you do not wish to share with others. Be aware there is no technical setting that prevent you from sharing this folder.
  • Sync: You can place content in this folder that you wish to synchronize across environments and devices (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.). Please note that in the past, users have used Box Sync. Duke now recommends Box Drive instead.

These folders provide some structure for how you can use your Box storage. Additional folders also can be created.

Article number: KB0026084

Valid to: December 13, 2024