DukeBlue: Android Manual Setup

Duke University has implemented a secure wireless network known as Dukeblue which uses the authentication mechanism WPA-2 Enterprise and 802.1X. When correctly installed and configured, this network can protect your Duke NetID and password, and ensure your data and transactions are secure and protected.

In order to connect to the secure network, adjustments will need to be made to your device settings. Follow these steps to configure your Dukeblue connection for your Android device so you can take advantage of this layer of security. NOTE: Some Android devices may require a four digit security pin after installing the Dukeblue certificate.

If you have an Android, such as a Google Pixel, that does not have a stock browser you will want to use these instructions to connect to DukeBlue manually


1. Select DukeBlue from your available networks

2. Change Phase 2 Authentication to MSCHAPV2

** If prompted for CA certificate, you may use system certificates and specify the duke.edu domain

3. For Identity, enter your NetID

4. For Password, enter your NetID password

5. Hit Save or Connect (will vary depending on the device)


You should now be connected to DukeBlue. 


**Your settings may differ between Android version 6.x and 7.x

If these steps do not allow access to the Dukeblue wifi please connect to either Dukeopen or DukeVisitor and navigate a web browser to Dukeblue.duke.edu. You will be presented with a image similar to the following.

Please click the Join DukeBlue. This will download a file that will allow you access the Dukeblue wifi. Please restart the phone and attempt to reconnect to the DukeBlue wifi.

**Your settings may differ between Android version 10.x and 11.x

Need Further Assistance?

Please contact the OIT Service Desk if you need further assistance: http://oit.duke.edu/help.

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Valid to: February 27, 2025