OIT-Vetted Captioning Vendors and Additional Captioning Resources

Note: The captioning services listed below are not paid for by nor supported by OIT. Additionally, while the technology has been approved, there is no agreement in place between Duke and these vendors, and individual departments at Duke must purchase services directly from the vendor.

Note: No captioning vendors are currently approved by Duke for HIPAA or otherwise protected information, and no vendors have been vetted and approved by Duke's ITSO.

OIT continually evaluates the changing landscape of caption providers. If you have questions about specific vendors or use cases and need assistance, please reach out to the OIT Service Desk and someone will assist you.

OIT currently recommends Transcription Puppy and Rev.com for most captioning needs at Duke. Transcription Puppy offers the best pricing, with the possibility of further volume-based reductions. Both services offer an intuitive workflow, and reports about quality from those who have utilized these services have been positive. 

Rev Resources and Support Links

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Valid to: November 21, 2024