OIT-Vetted Captioning Vendors and Additional Captioning Resources

OIT-Vetted Captioning Vendors

OIT currently recommends Rev.com for most captioning needs at Duke. Rev offers the most competitive pricing, has an intuitive workflow, and reports about quality from those who have utilized Rev have been positive. Duke has an official Account Manager from Rev who serves as the main point of contact for general questions as well as training and technical assistance needed for those at Duke utilizing this service. Additionally, Rev offers a one time discount for any new groups at Duke who consult with our Account Manager before placing their first order.

Duke's Rev Account Manager Contact Information

Abid Mohsin
(415) 903-0500
As policy our Account manager (or Sales) cannot place orders or make changes to user accounts. We need to email support@rev.com and cc Abid on all communication so he is in the loop. He is happy to get on a call with us or anyone else at Duke anytime. 

Other Captioning Resources and Support Links

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