Support@Duke (ServiceNow) Training Links

General Information

The Support@Duke service management system (also known as ServiceNow) is used at Duke for several service management related activities, including knowledge, incident, request and change management. The online knowledgebase allows the Duke community to search for answers to technical questions online. The incident, request, and change management process is used by the University and Health System.

Departments may also be able to leverage ServiceNow to have customers enter tickets via web forms or an email address.

Incident and Request

Incident Management Guide
Request Fulfillment Guide
Viewing the status of an Incident
How to Find and View Service Requests
Adding additional detail columns to your lists of records
Update multiple incident records from a list view

Create and share templates
Converting incident templates to request templates


Filtering 101 Lab Materials
Personalizing Lists and Filters
Filtering on Tasks


Retire a knowledge article
Viewing Knowledge articles that are assigned to my group


Basics Of Reporting


Customer Satisfaction Surveys and base sample reports for Group Managers
Group Management
Personal Profile Management


If you have questions or need more assistance please assign a task to Operations Management-OIT for University and here for Health System.

Article number: KB0025373

Valid to: October 15, 2024