ePrint: Pharos pop up window not appearing on Mac


  • Why don't I see the Pharos Pop up window on my Mac when I print to ePrint?




  • Before proceeding with the below steps try Option A first


Option A:

  1. Double check your Network: ePrint will not work if you are using Visitor, Guest or other Non Duke Network.
  2. Also check for pending App store for updates - specifically those for printers (such as Richo printer )
  3. You may try uninstalling and reinstall ePrint 
  4. If the above does not work proceed to Option B


Option B:

  1. Click Apple icon top right then select "System Settings"




      2. In the search box type in "login items."

                a. Click on the "Open at Login."

                b. Click on the "+" under Item | Kind






      3. Navigate to the Macintosh HD Drive as this is where the Pharos (ePrint) folder is located

            a. Step 1: Click on arrow heads for file location options


           b. Step 2: Select Macintosh HD



       4. Select the Library Folder


       5. Select Application Support Folder


       6. Select Pharos Folder


       7. Within the Pharos folder you will find a "Popup" item

         - Select it and Click Add 



      8. You will now see the Popup item appear in your Login items


      9. Computer restart is suggested



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