Telephone Headsets

Telephone Headsets

VoIP compatible Telephone/Softphone/Jabber headsets can be purchased on-line through Hello Direct. OIT no longer purchases, installs or maintains telephone headsets. Each department and or end user is fully responsible for these devices.


Hello Direct


You may purchase your own Headsets directly from Hello Direct's portal (linked below). These will be shipped directly to you. Remember to mention that you work for Duke University and Health System to receive a discount if you contact them by phone.

If ordering on-line, you will be asked to create an account using your name and Duke e-mail address in order to receive Duke discounted pricing. You will need the following information when creating your account:


  • First and last name
  • Duke e-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Company Code = (DU190695)
  • Password will be (Duke123) - ** Note: this is case sensitive**
  • You may pay by Credit Card (Discover/MasterCard/Visa/American Express)


Hello Direct portal


If you need assistance, you may contact Duke's dedicated account manager:

Hello Direct

Bill Jones







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