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Panopto Capture (Browser-Based Recording)
Panopto Windows and Mac Desktop Software

Email Notifications
Setting Permissions
Publishing in Sakai
Sharing a Panopto Folder Anywhere Else
Sharing an Individual Recording in Panopto

Using the Panopto-Zoom Integration

Setting Up the Integration
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Panopto Capture (Browser-Based Recording)

Panopto's browser-based recording software called Panopto Capture is a quick and user-friendly way to make recordings anywhere you have access to your computer and a network. You can even record video in up to 4k. See this document for more information.

Panopto Windows and Mac Desktop Software

Panopto's desktop software gives you the ability to record lectures and events directly from your Mac or PC computer where ever you may be, even without access to a network.  You simply run the Panopto recorder while your class or event is taking place or use the software to create supplemental instruction.  You then can manually or automatically upload this recording to Duke's Panopto server ( Note:  Panopto cannot be used to record, store, or distribute any media that must comply with HIPAA requirements. For information about FERPA requirements as pertains to recording at Duke, consult Panopto is also not suitable for users under age 16.

Interested users:

  1. Contact your Panopto Site Administrator to confirm their participation and get an account.
  2. Presenter's Guide and the Getting Started Information below.

Note: Your computer must meet specific system requirements.

Getting Started

Step 1. Getting your computer ready

  • Check the system requirements page to be sure your computer is compatible.
  • In order to use Panopto Mobile, you will need to install software on your computer.  Obtain the link to download the recording software from your Panopto Site Administrator.  If you need assistance, please contact your local site administrator or IT support professional.

Step 2:  Acquire appropriate peripherals

  • We recommend that you capture audio using an external USB mic.  If you are planning to include video, you may need an external camera (some computers, including most recent Macs, have a built in camera; others do not).
  • Talk to you to your Panopto Site Administrator should you need help setting up your computer or determining which peripherals you need.

Recording Basics

Below you will find a Windows  Quick Start Guides that will walk you through the recording basics.

Windows Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Macintosh Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Editing Your Recording

Best Practices

Publishing Panopto Recordings

Email Notifications

After your session has been recorded, uploaded to the server and transcoded (this could take up to 1- 2 hours), you will receive an email that your recording is ready to be viewed (this is a per folder setting that your Site Administrator can help you configure if you're not receiving the notifications and want to). The email you receive will contain a link to view the recording.

Setting Permissions

There is a range of levels of permissions for Panopto recordings varying from sharing with a defined list of people and/or course rosters to making content public on the web. Panopto Site Administrators are trained to assist users in setting permissions. Contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

Publishing in Sakai 

See Learning Innovation's documentation on setting up and using the Panopto LTI tool in your Sakai site.

Sharing a Panopto Folder Anywhere Else 

See Panopto's document How to Share a Folder

Sharing an Individual Recording in Panopto

See Panopto's document How to Share a Video


Using the Panopto-Zoom Integration



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