Panopto Remote Recorder PC ordering information

With Sequoia being retired by Blackboard, the Panopto configurations are no longer on the Dukestores website. OIT-AUDS is working with the Duke Technology Center to restore that functionality. Until then, you can order Panopto appliances by opening a ticket and sending requests to AUDS in Service-Now. AUDS will then place your order for you in Buy@Duke. Please add the following information in your request for each appliance to be ordered:

  1. Dual or Quad input?
  2. Location (Building/Room) for the appliance
  3. Is this appliance going to be a new addition or replacing and existing device?
  4. Fund Code

Costs for the current model appliances are as follows:

Minitower with Quad HDMI input:

210-BFWR-PMT            Optiplex 7010 Tower                                                                       $921.00

11100                             Magewell Pro Capture PCIe Quad Channel HDMI Graphics Card   $830.00

Total = $1751.00


SFF with Dual HDMI input:

210-BFXE-PSF              Optiplex 7010 Small Form Factor                                                    $889.00

11080                             Magewell Pro Capture PCIe Dual Channel HDMI Graphics Card     $535.00

Total = $1424.00


Matrox Maevex 6020

In addition to our PC-based capture hardware, Duke Panopto users can now also choose a Linux-based alternative from Matrox, the Maevex 6020, which Panopto has certified to work with their system

The benefits of the Matrox include:

  • 1U 1/2 rack form factor suitable for tight spaces a PCs would not be appropriate for, such as a podium rack, or other situations where rack space is tight.
  • Built in confidence preview & pass-through

These units have dual HDMI inputs like the SFF Dells, so would not be suitable for a room where 3 or 4 inputs would be required.

Currently the most cost-effective option Duke has for purchasing these devices is for individual departments to work directly with Interested customers should contact Jordan Breed (, and she will provide you a current quote, and set you up with a log-in so that you can place an order for quoted items online at As of 8/3/22, pricing for the Maevex via Howard is:

  • Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder for use with Panopto MPN: MVX-RR6020-P: $2,020.00
  • 3 Additional Years of Warranty Support MPN: MVX-RR6020P/W3: $415.00
  • Rackmount Kit for Maevex 6020 MPN: RMK-19TR-A: $85.00

Last updated on 7/05/2023


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