JMP & JMP Pro: General Information

License Information

JMP and JMP Pro licensed under this agreement may be installed and accessed by currently-registered Duke students and faculty, Duke employees, and onsite contractors for the purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and/or course work at Duke only.  The software may not be used for operational purposes, commercial research purposes or for personal financial gain. Institutional research and other administrative uses related to the operation or improvement of a university or at an associated healthcare institution including patient care and sponsored research are not included within the scope of the license. 

The software may only be installed on computers that are owned or leased by Duke or on computers personally-owned by Duke employees, currently-registered Duke students and faculty.  The software may not be used on any government owned or leased machines, or at a government owned or leased facility, or otherwise for the benefit of any federal, state, local or foreign government or governmental agency.

The software licensed under this agreement may be installed and used on authorized computers (see above) in the United States and also may be used on laptops in other locations provided that the computers are not in countries not listed for more than 3 months out of the year.

Licenses expire annually on 6/30 and must be renewed each year.  

The academic site license is available for free through a grant to NCICU schools.

Support Information

Technical support is provided by the vendor for Faculty, staff, and students. The OIT Service desk does not provide product support for JMP.

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Article number: KB0022580

Valid to: August 14, 2025