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License Information

The software may be installed on Duke-owned computers by Duke faculty and staff on the Durham, NC campus solely for research, instruction, education, and administrative uses.  Use of the programs for commercial use, profit, or private gain is in violation of the agreement.

Faculty members may install and use a copy of the programs on their personally-owned computers for the specific purpose of learning, becoming proficient with, and developing currucula or research expertise around the programs, however, since the product uses a license server to activate, the software may only be used on campus.

Students may use Desktop GIS programs on their personal computers while connected to Duke's secure network.

The software may not be used outside of the United States.

The site license is funded by the Nicholas School of the Environment, and the software is distributed through OIT.  Direct all licensing inquiries to the Nicholas School.

Support Information

The Nicholas School IT department maintains the license server and provides activation support to end-users.

Technical support services for the programs are included in the site license, however only the authorized contact in the Nicholas School may contact ESRI directly.


To request access to any ArcGIS products not available on the software licensing site, e-mail


Article number: KB0022572

Valid to: February 23, 2025