Support@Duke: Filters and Homepages

Filters And Homepages

Filter Example

  • Start with a predefined filter such as My Groups’ Unassigned Work,and select the filter icon beside of the filters to enter the filter editing section.
    my groups unassigned work new.png

  • To create a filter for all tickets currently assigned to you change the filters to the following...beneath the first “Assigned to is <empty>” filter select the or button and add “Assigned to is <ENTER YOUR NAME HERE>”

    assigned to is new.png

Type *your netid to find yourself.  NOTE:  The asterisk is a wild card in most ServiceNow lookup fields

            Select Run


  • Right click on the filters and choose to Copy URL.

 You can now use this URL in any browser, or browser folders in your navigation bars

  • Save this filter as a bookmark by dragging the furtherest “breadcrumb” at the right of your filter to the furthest left edge column of the screen


  • Now to create another filter, Start again by selecting “My Groups’ Unassigned Work” The filters this time will be edited with the following:
    • Remove the filter for “Assigned to is <empty>”
    • After this last filter, select the “and” button and add the filter of “Updated after Last 7 days

Select Save


  • Type a name for the report such as “ Tickets not updated in week-my groups”, select to make it visible to “” Choose Save


 By selecting the bullet for me, the filter will only be available to you. If you select Group you can specify to make the filter available to your own group.




Applying a Template you have previously saved


Select “My Groups’ Unassigned Work”  Select the menu at the top of the frame and select Filters, and then your newly saved filter from step 5 above.



Creating a Homepage with a filter you previously saved


Create a Homepage

  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Homepage
  2. Select the plus sign in the top left corner, 'New page...'
  3.  Name the new Homepage by clicking on the default Homepage name.  Also remove the default content widget by selecting the 'x'  with a circle around it.


4.  Select the 'Add Content' button

5.  Within the 'Add content' window select 'Filters' from the left hand column.  This will display options in in the middle and right column.


 6.  In the middle column select the appropriate type of ticket for your filter:

Catalog Task = Request Tasks

Incident = Incidents

Task = Both Request Tasks and Incidents

  7.   Select the appropriate filter in the right hand column

8.  Once you have the appropriate filter selected in the right hand column select 'Add here' to add that filter to the Homepage


Article number: KB0018835

Valid to: October 3, 2024