Directory: Update full name alias

You can have up to 2 alias addresses on your NetID account.

Updates to the full name alias table are at the top of the hour.

The steps below will show how to view what you have set and make any changes as necessary.

  • On the left side of the page, click Manage Directory Listings to open a dropdown menu. Click Change your full name alias.

  • Make changes/add to the available addresses as needed.  Click update when done.
  • NOTE: The standard format for Full name alias is:, or

  • Note: Your full name alias target address, "will be delivered to:" address, should be in the format of  For example:
  • You will receive notification of success or failure.  If you receive a failure message, one of the alias' chosen is already taken.  Choose another email address. 



If you need further assistance, contact your local IT support group/person

You can also contact your appropriate Service Desk:
University Users: OIT Service Desk - 919 684 2200
Duke Medicine Users: DHTS Service Desk - 919 684 2243



Article Number: KB0018348