Qualtrics: Shibboleth Authenticator


How to add a shibboleth authenticator on your Qualtrics survey?




Step 1)

Select the survey you would like to add the authenticator on, and select "Edit Survey"




Step 2)

Select "Survey Flow"




Step 3)

Select "Add a New Element Here" (Your questions block will show up by default)


Step 4)

Select the "Authenticator" Element


Step 5)

Set the "Authentication Type" to "SSO",  uncheck "Associate Respondent with Panel" check-box, set "SSO Type" to "Shibboleth"


Step 6)

Check the "Capture respondent identifying info" check-box


Step 7)

Select "Add Embedded Data"


Step 8)

Input the information you wish to collect (examples below)

*click the "+" to add more fields




Step 9)

After inputting the information you wish to collect, select "move" and drag your "question" block below the "authenticator" block and click "apply"


Step 10)

To view results after the survey has been taken, choose the "Reports" option and then "Results" in correspondence to your authenticator survey. Next, select a "Response" to view collected information



For further assistance, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 684-2200

NON-OIT Supported Qualtrics at Duke:

  • Fuqua's instance of Qualtrics at https://dukefuqua.qualtrics.com/ is not covered under this support document. All Fuqua Qualtrics Support should be handled by Fuqua's IT (660-7878). Please note that user's of Fuqua's Qualtrics cannot collaborate with Duke users of Qualtrics (or vise versa) unless the intended collaborator has an account on the perspective instances.)
  • School of Medicine: dukemedicine360.yul1.qualtrics.com - assignment group for assistance and support is: Service Desk-MedEd Students Only-SOM

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